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My work reflects my psyche as well as both the good and the bad around and within me. There is no good enough and there is no perfect. There is only complete. My process is very improvisational. I start by letting my imagination flow and I follow it. I don’t know how I will get to my complete or what my complete will be. I don’t strive for perfection in my art. I strive for being. Existence precedes essence. My work can’t have meaning before it begins to exist.


I've been artsy for as long as I can remember. In fact, the first drawing I ever did according to my parents was a series of interlocking circles. Which is weirdly complex for a child. I've gone through God knows how many sketchbooks through the years. I've always been fascinated by the whimsical and the bizarre and inspired by the eccentric figures in history and in stories. Like I said I've been doing art for as long as I can remember but my distinct drawing style of figures started when I was in a very dark place at one of the art schools I went to. I was isolated, overworked and regularly had to choose between bathing, eating, and schoolwork. While in this dark place I created the figure shown in my piece Beginning Of The Beat. A few years later  I started my main body of work at Hocking college. My Melded Life Series started as a school project in my photography class. The thing is I didn't just want to take pictures I wanted to draw too because I love illustration so much. I mean sure I liked photography, but illustration and drawing were my loves. So, my line of thinking was how do I combine these two things together in an interesting way … hmmm. The Melded Life Series was my conclusion, the result being something new. Which made me so happy because I've always wanted to make something different. 


Ashley Snyder is a freelance artist and a member of the Ohio Art League.  She is an Artist in Residence at Art & Clay in Lancaster, Ohio,  attended the School of Advertising Art, and Hocking College where she received a degree in Art, Design and Marketing.   Her work has been exhibited in many art shows including: The Damned Show in Detroit, Hit the Hop at Galleries On High in 2017, Ohio State Fair in 2017, the 2018 Columbus Arts Festival,  and the Lancaster Festival Art Walk.  

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