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About the designer 

Ashley is a graphic designer and fine artist from Lancaster OH with an associate degree in design and marketing and a bachelor’s in design and media arts. With experience in Photoshop, InDesign, and illustrator. She has done freelance work and volunteered in an art gallery for artists with developmental disabilities. Currently she is a Direct support professional and art teacher for developmentally disabled adults. She has a strong passion for art and design, demonstrating attention to detail and meeting deadlines.


Celtic Woman

CD cover

The CD cover was done with mixed media. The Celtic knot and the watercolor painting were both done with traditional mediums. Blue background with watercolor and the Celtic knot with dark pencil. Afterwards they were taken into Photoshop and manipulated digitally.  CD cover is a complementary color scheme. Rhythm and repetition is created with the Celtic knot and frames the face of the woman that is on many of the Celtic women album covers and also frames the logo and title of the album. While I used a picture from a piece of promotional art, to adhere to ethical image use I changed the coloration, the transparency, and made it appear as a part of the watercolor painting that I made, and I also used only a small portion of the picture.





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